Wine Maker Spotlight: André Mack

André Mack left a successful career with Citicorp Investment Services to pursue a career in winemaking. He developed a passion for wine while working as a sommelier in San  Antonia, he discovered the joys of introducing guests to the little-known vineyards that first attracted him to the business and “instant gratification of a guest’s reaction.” […]

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Rocking to the Music

Tucked away in NYC’s West Village is Recette. This is a tiny hidden gem serving up American food with a fusion of Spanish flavors. One of the most crucial ingredients isn’t edible but audible. Even though things can get hectic at the restaurant Jesse Schenker, the 29-year old chef, manages to stay in the zone. […]

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Homeboy Bakery

The U.S. has the highest rate of prisoners per capita in the world. With such a high number of those incarcerated, there is a lack of rehabilitation programs to keep offenders from returning to prison. Homeboy Industries mission is to provide an outlet to recently released offenders by giving them a skill in the culinary […]

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