The U.S. has the highest rate of prisoners per capita in the world. With such a high number of those incarcerated, there is a lack of rehabilitation programs to keep offenders from returning to prison. Homeboy Industries mission is to provide an outlet to recently released offenders by giving them a skill in the culinary world. The non-profit group rehabilitates former members through an 18-month program, giving them jobs at its bakery, café, and restaurants in Los Angeles.

Priest Greg Boyle founded the organization 26 years ago to save lives. Wearing kitchen aprons and hairnets, former gang rivals now stand side-by-side in the kitchen. Participants can also get their gang tattoos removed for free. There is often a lack of mental health services and counseling post-prison life, but Homeboy Industries enrolls all its participants into therapy along with parenting and job training classes. Up to 15,000 former gang members benefit from this program each year. Fresh bread, pies, cakes, muffins, streusels and so
much more is offered at the Homeboy Industries bakery so id your ever in the Los Angeles area stop for their fantastic coffee cake and help a worthy cause. do/homeboy-bakery


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